Test Management Tools List of 8 Types of Test Management Tools

XStudio is available in multiple editions with different feature sets so you can choose the features you need for your projects. Some key features of a test management tool include the ability to create and manage test cases, to track and report on testing progress, and to generate test reports. Other features may include test case execution and results management, requirements management, and project management. In addition, Quality Center includes powerful tools for requirements management, test management, and defect tracking. These tools help organizations to ensure that software products meet customer expectations and are released on time and on budget.

SpiraTest is the most feature-rich and easy to use test management solution on the market today. SpiraTest offers world-class test management that adapts to your methodology , workflow, DevOps toolchain, and reporting needs. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, SpiraTest has the industry best practices baked in. This QA tool is a great starting point for small teams as it offers a free version of the system and access to external users. Now owned by SmartBear, Zephyr was originally developed as a Jira Add-on to enhance its capabilities to support proper testing management.

List of test management tools

Theqalead.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. When you need additional assistance our global certified solution provider partner network is ready to help. Was designed with a waterfall approach in mind, not a fit for Agile/DevOps approaches- MicroFocus has a dedicated solution for DevOps-Octane.

When a load test is conducted on the production system during business hours, the likelihood of bad user experiences increases. The objective is to ensure that every team member is aware of their responsibilities at all times, and that team leads may allocate additional tasks to testers as needed. Within an efficient UI-UX design and application structure, TestRail allows you to develop, manage & organize test cases and suites. Exploratory testing module built on the Session-Based Test Management platform. Well, the good news is that we do have the resources we need to do such types of testing.

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TestRail also integrates with a number of popular bug tracking and project management tools, making it easy to track and manage the entire software development process from one place. Testuff is a test management tool that helps testers and developers to manage their testing process and improve their productivity. Testuff provides an all-in-one testing solution that includes a powerful test https://globalcloudteam.com/ management tool, a test execution tool, and a defect tracking tool. Testuff helps testers to create and manage their test cases, track their test execution, and report their defects. Testuff also helps developers to manage their code changes and track their builds. Testuff is a valuable tool for both testers and developers to manage their testing process and improve their productivity.

Integration with task management tools like Jira, CI/CD tools like Jenkins. Built-in integrations, plus an open API to integrate with your CI/CD/DevOps toolchain. Capture the results of manual testing or get real-time feedback from your test automation. PractiTest has received an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on G2, based on 99 reviews.

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Test Management is a process for managing the day-to-day testing activities starting from creating the test cases to execution of the tests along with capturing the test results. In reality, the creation of basic and complicated software is very simply managed by the test management tools. Most of the products on the market are built to fit with other tools that you now use. While you know why should companies switch to automation testing, the TestFlo tool offers no support for automation or integration with Selenium. A key element of the bug tracking system is the priority of bugs & assigning problems that eventually cut down the app maintenance cost. That helps to identify recurrent problems and focus on the major concern.

Best Test Management Tools (Free and Paid) for 2021

Qase is a cloud test management tool for both Developers and Testers. It helps you as an individual or in a team to significantly boost testing productivity and allows you to manage test cases, compose test plans, and perform test runs in an easy way. Allows users to easily create the projects, modules, test cases, testing cycles, Execute the test cases, log the defects, and generate reports. Zephyr Scale is the world’s leading QA and testing application for Jira and it is used by more than 3000 clients. TestLink is the top & best test management tool with an Open Source license.

Testmo also fully integrates with all the tools testing teams use for a complete testing workflow. It comes with best-in-class Jira, GitHub and GitLab integration plus many more integrations. Also directly submit test automation results from CI pipelines, build systems and dev environments. With Kualitee, you can maintain test case repositories, execute test cycles, log defects, customize dashboards and reports, and do much more in your testing efforts. Kualitee also offers integrations with a host of other tools, including JIRA. Zephyr Squad is better for Agile teams to have a flexible and seamlessly integrated test management tool that works as a native Jira application.

A well-planned and executed test management process can help identify errors, defects, or bugs in the software product before it is released to the customer. Test management can also help improve the quality of the software product by ensuring that all tests are carried out properly and that all test results are documented. In the software development process, testing is an important phase to ensure the quality of the software product. It integrates with many leading bug tracking tools like JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Bugzilla, and Redmine as well as various automation tools such as Selenium and Jenkins. Their API can ensure further customizing for other process needs.

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Its test management capabilities allow manual and DevOps scaling. SpiraTest is a complete test management, requirement management and issue/bug tracking tool. It allows you to trace and manage all your software testing details in one central application with full traceability. Additional reporting and visualization features help you check the health and quality of your projects at a glance. It supports managing manual test cases, exploratory testing and test automation all in one platform. It also comes with full integration with issue tracking tools, CI pipelines and any automation tool.

  • Moreover, hundreds of open-source libraries are available to automate various Selenium tests.
  • It is a Ruby library that automates browser interaction, allowing you to quickly and effectively test your application’s performance and behavior under various conditions.
  • It is a technique for determining whether or not production is operating as planned.
  • Meliora TestLabis easy to use but powerful Test management tool with all the required ALM features.

Allows one to manage test suites, past test results, and track test case history. Integration to Test Automation tool and CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. The capacity to follow a requirement, test’s, defect’s, and execution’s path.

Other Test Case Management Tool Options

Before deploying a tool across your organization, it’s prudent to do pilot of the tool either using the free version or asking for demo from the tool vendor. The best tool is one that satisfies your project needs, improves product quality, empowers your team, and helps you deliver quality software. Silk Central allows you to unify all test assets into one easy-to-use planning, tracking, reporting, and execution hub. With silk central, it is easy to recreate issues they have found. SpiraTest is Inflectra’s world-class test management and QA suite for agile teams.

List of test management tools

It allows testers to create, centralize, organize, manage test cases quickly and efficiently. As per the market analysis, qTest is one of the fastest-growing test management solutions amongst Agile Development Teams. A cloud-based test test data management tools comparison management tool allows you to integrate with JIRA. Meliora TestLabis easy to use but powerful Test management tool with all the required ALM features. It simplifies your testing process and upgrades your team’s testing capabilities.

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Classical development processes such as Waterfall or V-Model are supported as well as iterative and agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban. Customizable XRay reports tracking the test executions and Test sets with overall testing progress. Add on feature for requirement traceability which lets you track requirements, tests, defects, and executions.

List of test management tools

We not only say that we deliver the best but we also offer the best. Here is a glimpse into our mobile app projects that are ruling the market. After completing the private beta test with a great number of teams and testers over the past few weeks, today we are opening up the beta test of Testmo to all interested users. Exploratory Testing Exploratory sessions and note taking as first-class features. Testing Empire is a free online resource that offers in-depth tutorials, tools, product reviews, and other resources that can help you excel in your IT career.

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If you want to learn more about application delivery, testing, and more take a look at our whitepapers, videos, background papers, blog, and presentations. Starting from free for small teams with very limited functionality, then going from $20/user/mo to a higher price tag that is not publicly advertised for the full version. Orcanos is an Application Lifecycle Management and Q QMS solution.

With the abundance of testing tools available, managing all aspects of testing has become a growing challenge. Such as, the need to incorporate not only traditional, scripted testing, but also elements of exploratory testing, as well as automated testing. Test lodge is one of the best test case tools that provide basic four aspects Test Plans, Requirements, Test Suites & Cases, and Test Runs. It has everything it requires to manage test cases, while test plans can be generated quickly with ease.

Xray helps testers to understand the quality of their software products by providing them with detailed insights into the testing process. This includes information on the number of tests that have been run, the pass/fail rate of those tests, and the time taken to complete each test. This information can be used to identify areas where the quality of the software is poor and to make improvements. Testpad is an online test management tool used for both large and small projects. It uses a natural and easy-to-learn checklist-style approach, enabling quicker writing and running of tests. Users get at-a-glance view of the plan, their progress and next testing goal.

In TestRail there is so much API integration in automation tools that you can learn in a guide to API development. To help our testing process, we have a number of test management tools on the market. Test management tools are a vital component to any software development team, and it can be difficult to know which tool will work best for you.